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El lugar para artistas y soñadores

El agua de manantial brota en las más de 100 fuentes distribuidas en las calles y plazas del antiguo pueblo spa romano Aix en Provence. Quédese tomando un café y la especialidad local de almendras, calisson, en uno de los cafés chic-bohemios en las veredas de esta sofisticada ciudad universitaria francesa.

Sobre Francia

A native to Aix, Cezanne is the city’s most famous son. From his home, the mountain could be seen in the distance, inspiring him to create many of his masterworks here. You can tour his atelier of "light and silence" on the outskirts of town. This is the smallest, and most frequented museum in Aix, and could lead you to believe that Cezanne simply went out for a walk and hasn’t returned yet. The first floor studio contains his palette, still covered with colors. It will leave a, well…impression.

When the artist needed a break, he probably went and soaked in the relaxing waters of the Sextius spa. Named for Aix’s founder, the Roman General Caius Sextius Calvinus, these curative waters have been pumping from the ground since Roman times. Today, this is the biggest spa in Provence and located in the heart of the city at Thermes Sextius. Come relax in Provencal style before heading out to enjoy the rest of the city.

The famous Cours Mirbeau is a wide thoroughfare measuring a quarter-mile long and over 120 feet wide. Aix is known as the "city of a thousand fountains", and it is on this street you’ll find the city’s most notable spritzer, "La Rotunde." At night, watch water flow gently from the beaks of swans as the boulevard sparkles with light. Then stroll over to Les Deux Garçons for a café au lait, and sit in the same seats as Paul Cezanne, Emile Zola and Albert Camus once did.

From Aix TGV station, you’re just minutes to the rest of the lavender-laden region. Take your France Rail Pass and hop on board the TGV to the papal city of Avignon, just 20 minutes away. In a about 15 minutes, be in Marseille, France’s third largest city and inspiration for Cezanne’s friend Vincent Van Gogh.

Aix is the stuff of dreams. Where artists came to be inspired and flowers sweetly scent the air. This is the provincial life in Provence.

Ais de Provencia estación(es)

En tren: El tren es una forma muy conveniente de llegar a cualquier ciudad y pueblo en Europa. Todas las ciudades importantes cuentan con estación de tren, y algunas hasta tienen más de dos. Prácticamente todas las estaciones están ubicadas en el centro de la ciudad. Consulte el mapa para ubicar la o las estaciones de tren en Ais de Provencia.

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